Body Wraps

Body Glow Treatment

A special mixture of sea salt, powdered herbs and minerals are blended with aromatherapy oil and massaged onto your body, gently sweeping away dead cells and buffing your skin to a smooth finish. Next, step into a warm shower to remove the salt that leaves your skin glowing and toned. This salt glow treatment is most effective when accompanied with a body massage.

Herbology Body Experience

This potent, regenerative treatment is based on herbology, the ancient science of healing with herbs. First, your body is lightly massaged with warm hazelnut oil, followed by an exfoliating body polish with granulated Chinese herbs. Once your skin has been thoroughly buffed, you are cocooned in warm, thermal blankets to penetrate the therapeutic granules. As your skin is being softened in a wrap, a creamy masque placed with the same herbal blend is applied to your face. To complete the treatment, your body is misted neck to toes with refreshing aromatherapy water followed by an application of extremely emollient body cream and a customized moisturizer for your complexion. You’ll love the way your skin feels when you emerge from this rejuvenating natural treatment that’s designed to re-texturize your body and face, smooth your skin and reduce stress.

Archtic Algae Body Wrap

This is the perfect treatment for the overly committed, stressed person who needs more energy and vitality.This re-mineralizing treatment begins with a gentle body brushing to rid your skin of dead surface cells. Then a nutrient-rich layer of Norwegian Arctic Algae seaweed is slathered over your entire body as you are enveloped in a protective thermal blanket neck to toes. Next, an Arctic Algae masque is applied to your freshly cleansed face. As you enter a state of deep relaxation, the micronutrients present in the algae penetrate the skin revving-up your circulation, replacing lost minerals and detoxifying. This has a tonic effect on your body that is both regenerating and revitalizing. To finish, the algae is gently rinsed off in a warm shower.

Skinny Body Wraps
Single wrap: $24.95

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